Learn more about the register a company name

The Business Registration Service makes it much easier to enroll register a company name by combining key company and taxation registrations on a single form. Additionally, it offers an automated company or business name check which will inform you whether your proposed name is available before you enroll.

Who will use this service?

New companies beginning as a lone trader, joint venture, firm, trust, partnership or superannuation fund who will apply for a company name, Business Number (BN), business and taxation registrations.

  • ·         Existing businesses having a BN can use for taxation registrations or a key login.

What do you apply?

If you are registering your company for the very first time and do not have an BN or business registration, then you can apply for the next government business and taxation registrations.

All you want to begin.

There is no paperwork to be concerned about. All You have to lodge an Internet program are a Couple of particulars such as:

Who you are

Your organization name

Every registered firm wants an exceptional name. We are going to help you assess whether the name you desire is available here. Bear in mind, a business name differs to a company name, although many companies utilize the exact same title for both.

You will want to register particulars of your supervisors, their names, residential addresses and dates of arrival. At least one has to reside in Australia. In case you’ve got a business secretary, then you are able to register their details also.

Decide who to name as your customers, individuals or businesses, and provide their speech. You will also have to nominate the kind of shares they will own, along with also the share split per shareholder. Want a hand? We are pleased to provide you a few pointers.

Where You’re

You cannot use a PO Box, but might utilize a residential address, and with written permission, you may employ your attorney or accountant’s address.

You will need this also, but for many people, this is going to be exactly the same as their office.


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